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Case Study: BumbleBee Conservation Trust

Who are you/what’s your business?

Cathy Horsley, Senior Project Officer for the Bumblebee Conservation Trust (

Why did you choose/how did you find Devon Work Hubs? 

I was looking for a hot desk in my local area, and the location and facilities at the Bookery Annex are perfect. I found them via the Crediton Heart project who put me in touch, as this was prior to them advertising as it was soon after the annex had been completed.

What makes Devon Work Hubs good for you/what do you get from it?

It gives me a space outside of home to work in, to help separate work from home life. I also enjoy the opportunity to meet other people. It is a great environment to work in.

What facilities do you make use of? (hot desks, meeting rooms, private office, etc)?

Hot desk in a shared working area, use of a private meeting room as needed, internet connection