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Planet and People

We asked a member of Oak Hub what they thought of the workspace and of Devon Work Hubs. Here is their responses.

Who are you/what’s your business?

My name is Bethia and I am the co-founder of Planet and People CIC. We work in environmental education providing resources and workshops for kids to be inspired and empowered to LOVE the Earth! We are motivated by a sense of urgency that the next generation need to be equipped for a future affected by climate change. Our approach is positive and proactive. Climate anxiety is a huge burden that many of us carry – Planet and People try to give the good news stories as much air time as the sad realities. We also love enabling kids to use their voice, use their skills and their understanding to DO something about the issues they often see more clearly than adults do! Everything we do is pinned on ‘LOVE the Earth’ – Learn (understanding through a new lens, awe and wonder which is the first step to caring and protecting), Observe (personally experiencing the natural world, connecting with it and taking an honest look at what is going on), inVolve (speaking up, speaking out, spreading the message far and wide, getting everyone together to make change), Enjoy (having fun, being creative, innovative, thinking outside the box).

Why did you choose/how did you find Devon Work Hubs?

I have been working from home during lockdown as many of us have. Being a people person though it doesn’t suit me or bring out the best in me. The hub is a work environment and I find that something happens to my mindset when I’m there that doesn’t happen at home. I’m more focused and productive. There are no distractions and I don’t think “oh I’ll just quickly..” and find that half an hour has gone and I haven’t been anywhere near my desk yet. I really benefit from networking – hearing what other people are doing, learning quicker and slicker ways to do things, new avenues to explore etc. It’s also a more interesting context than a traditional work office because of the variety of what people are doing and working on. The Oak Hub organised a lunch recently and I really enjoyed time to hear the areas of work that other people are involved in. 

What makes Devon Work Hubs good for you/what do you get from it?

I have a friend who works at the Oak Hub so it’s really easy to get to as we share lifts etc. The printers and facilities are much better quality than the one I have at home. Jonathan is available and knowledgeable when I have a technical issue which I have many of! I am not at all tech savvy so at home I would waste a lot of time trying to figure something out that Jonathan can solve in five minutes. There is a space at the Hub to have a decent coffee and a change of scene at lunch time. 

I get a place to work, host meetings and a community of professional people who create a productive and focused environment. 

What facilities do you make use of? (hot desks, meeting rooms, private office, etc)

I have a desk that I use once a week. I have used the Hub to host meetings and run meetings in. In the future, we have also wondered about using the space to host workshops and community events. 

Hear from our members

"A fabulously stylish space which smacks of contemporary creative muses, coupled with all the comforts an office should have - coffee, tea, fridge, WiFi and a working printer. Its a warm, light space in a delightful part of the village with plenty of space in the car parks and very easy to travel to."